Rain Gardens to the Rescue – Longview Acres Garden Club

I was honored to have been invited to talk about rain gardens at the January 2016 monthly meeting of the Longview Acres Garden Club of North Hills, PA. Bill Goff, a fellow Master Gardener and a member of the club was quick to spread the word following my recent presentations at Trax Farms and Soergels.

I try to tailor my presentations to each audience by tying in examples of local rain gardens or similar initiatives that may already be underway in the area. Doing so helps to engage the audience, improves participation and simply improves the value to of the topic to the attendees themselves. In this case, the local McCandless Town Hall had just implemented their own rain garden to improve their stormwater management and it was the perfect opportunity to show case.


I much enjoyed meeting and interacting with the club members and thank you for having me. The details of my next talk on May 2, 2016 for the Men’s Garden Club of Pittsburgh is being worked out and will be posted in time.

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